Preserved energy creates vitality

Lidac maintains, services and extends battery life

Diagnostics, service, sales, monitoring of batteries and rectifiers - for batteries that last.

Additional energy for achieving the highest goals.

2500+ diagnosed
1000+ services performed
12+ years on
the market

battery is forklift fuel. take care of it and it will take care of you.

The efficiency of your batteries is our first priority.

Unleash the maximum potential of your forklift batteries.

30-60% lower battery exploitation costs

50% higher energy efficiency

30% ower charging costs

With the Lidac Forklifts team, you get full support and solutions for your batteries.

Do not let the battery/forklift stop when it is most needed.

Lidac methods and benefits:

  • Battery diagnostics by testing each of its cells with the most precise instruments gives you a clear picture of the condition of the battery in your forklift.
  • Maintenance extends battery life.
  • Revitalizing the battery using the most modern technologies restores its operational capacity, extends its life and reduces the amount of disposed hazardous waste.
  • Real-time monitoring with the most advanced hardware and software solutions for users with the highest and most serious requirements where battery safety must not be questioned.

What does the battery life cycle look like with Lidac support?


We determine the current state, health of your batteries, as well as defects.


Adequate maintenance extends the life of your batteries.


We restore the passivated capacity of your batteries, caused by inadequate maintenance and exploitation.

Imagine a better and more energy efficient world for all of us. Today, science, technology and ecology form a synergy and bring solutions that go beyond established patterns.

We don't have to work like everyone around us, let's be responsible.

With Lidac modern technology, your forklifts will work faster and more efficiently, with smaller investments and greater savings.

The battery does not have to stop when it is most needed. It can last.

Ask us anything. We are here for you.